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EnMart embroidery equipmentEnMart was founded on the idea that the best way to serve our customers was to sell products we used ourselves. We understand embroidery, sublimation and other decoration disciplines and the products we stock are the products we know will work, because we’ve tried them.


When you buy from EnMart, you can be assured that we thought long and hard about the products in our inventory. Our machine embroidery thread is one good example. Iris Thread already had a long history before we encountered the company in early 2007. We worked with the Iris Thread development team to make the thread even more durable and colorfast and suitable for high speed machine embroidery. Now UltraBrite polyester is one of the best and brightest embroidery threads in the industry, at a price point that will fit neatly with almost any budget.

Our stabilizers come from JSI (John Solomon) a trusted name in the machine embroidery industry for many years. The stabilizers we sell are designed to be high in quality, not in price, and incorporate the latest in wet laid, non-woven techniques. Likewise, our bobbins and needles are products we’ve used ourselves, so we know they’re durable, useful and cost effective. Our extensive knowledge of machine embroidery also means we can advise you on selecting the exact supplies needed to make your project a success.

Our stock of sublimation blanks operates on the same principle. We don’t stock every blank available, we stock what we know will sell. Our Mpres paper was specially selected after rigorous testing, and we sell it because we know it’s one of the best papers available. As a subsidiary of a company that was instrumental in bringing sublimation to this industry, we have a long history of sublimation innovation. All that knowledge and experience goes into selecting the products we sell and assisting the customers we serve.

CUSTOMER CENTEREDEnMart sublimation printers and supplies

One of the founding principles on which EnMart was built is the idea that every customer deserves to be treated like a big customer, regardless of the size of their business or their orders.   Our customer service team is second to none in promptness, knowledge and friendly, fast service. With locations in Michigan, Georgia, New Jersey and California, EnMart is ideally located for fast and economical shipping.

We look forward to serving Universal Unilink Members. To place an order, please visit Please note, you will have to set up a business log-in, and select “Yes” from the drop down menu next to the box that says “UUPA” in order to access UUPA pricing. If you have any questions, call 866-516-1300 and speak with Kristine.

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